Titanic 2.0

Titanic 2.0

Concordia - ITALY & FRANCE


Concordia, August 2020. The biggest and most modern ship, known to be unsinkable, leaves for its first journey. Four days later, it hits an iceberg. On board, a broken artist and a rich girl fall in love ... Worthy of the 1997 original movie of James Cameron, this Titanic remake is the coolest and most sensual version that was ever produced. It is a little bit cold and windy, but the love story of Jack and Rose is intact, beautiful as never before ...


DC16 2020 Winterover crew: Alberto Salvati (station leader / physics and meteorology), Andrea Ceinini (vehicle mechanics), Bastien Prat (electrotechnician), Camille Breant (glaciologist and chemist IT), Elisa Calmon (cook), Ines Ollivier (glaciologist and chemist FR), Loredana Faraldi (medical doctor), Luca Ianniello (ICT/radio tech), Stijn Thoolen (ESA medical researcher), Sylvain Guesnier (chef centrale), Vivien Koutcheroff (technical manager and plumber), Wenceslas Marie Sainte (electronician science)

Length: 6' 59''
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