Edition 2020

The 2020 edition of the WIFFA festival is characterized by some interventions that, on the one hand aim to improve the interaction and cooperation between the various participating stations, on the other to collect, organize and archive information relating to the festival that over the years have gone a little lost.
In this spirit, a new logo was created and, for the first time, a website dedicated to the Festival was created and registered under the .AQ domain (www.wiffa.aq).
The website is made up of two areas:
- a freely accessible public area where all the information and videos of the various editions of the Festival will be uploaded over time;
- a private area, where each station has a reserved space where it is possible to receive all communications from the organizers and where the station can upload and manage all its information: videos, photos, votes, documents, etc.

We also prepared a Teaser to launch this edition and invite all Antarctic and subantarctic stations to participate in WIFFA 2020.

The 5 required things

For the 48 hour category this year we have the following 5 required things to include in the film.

  • A sound. Prior examples include the sound of a drink can opening, a creaking door. The specific element chosen by Rothera (United Kingdom) is a WET SLAP, like someone being hit with a fish for example.
  • An object. Prior examples include a cardboard box, a roll of toilet paper, a bowl, a silly hat. The specific element chosen by Macquarie Island (Australia) is a STRETCHER.
  • A famous quote. Examples include “To be or not to be, that is the question” “I had a dream”. The specific element chosen by Bharati (India) is "YOU STAY A LITTLE LONGER..BABY!!"; it's a bit modification of the lyrics "wait a little longer Baby” by Hank Thompson can be used to indicate the spirit of a true Antarctican to stay more on and on.....to get the best of this wonderland...!!!
  • A famous character. Examples include Marilyn Monroe, Albert Einstein, Cleopatra, Charlie Chaplin, Gandhi. The specific element chosen by Great Wall (China) is BRUCE LEE.
  • An action. This should be something that only takes a few seconds on screen. For example: falling out of bed, eating frozen food, blowing bubbles. The specific element chosen by King Sejong (Republic of Korea) is DINE ALL TOGETHER (It mean “have a meal all together”).



In this edition there will be the following nine awards:

  • Best 48 Hrs

  • Best Use Of The 5 Elements

  • Best Open

  • Best Actor

  • Best Actress

  • Best Costume

  • Best Originality

  • Best Editing

  • Best Soundtrack

Awards for best Actor, Actress, Costume, Originality, Editing and Soundtrack are common to both categories.


The organizer of this year's Festival is Alberto Salvati and all the Winter Crew of Concordia.
We are honored and proud to be able to contribute to the improvement of this Festival which for about fifteen years has fascinated all those who love Antarctica.

Happy Festival to all!