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Jang Bogo Station

Jang Bogo Station
Coordinates: 74°37'38"S 164°14'16"E
Programs and links: Korean Polar Research Institute (

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A parody of the hit Korean drama "Squid Game" on Netflix, emphasizing the conservation of the Antarctic environment by Youtuber YunSeul Shining daily.


Se Jong HAN(Leader), Hyung Joon KIM(Manager), YunJae Jo(Oceanographer), Sul Ki KWOUN(Atmospheric), Gwang Su KIM(Space), Hoon SIM(Biogist), Seon Gyu KIM(Geophysicist), Hyo Seong WON(Meteorologest), Seung Che KIM(Mechanical Engineer), Ji Nyun CHOI(Heavy Equipment), Jeong Gyu KIM(Heavy Equipment), Chai Won CHANG(Communication officer), Hyun Il KIM(Electric Engineer), Dong Hoon KIM(Generator), Seong Cheol LEE(Safety), Jun Won SEO(Chef).

Length: 04' 58''
Year: 2022
Category: 48 Hrs Category
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1st overwintering at Jang Bogo Station

The Republic of Korea constructed Jang Bogo Station at the Northern Victoria Land in 2014. The 1st overwintering Team arrived at the end of construction in February, 2014 and started their overwintering there. Even Korea has operated King Sejong Station at the King George Island since 1988, it is the 1st overwintering at the Antarctic continent. The movie showed the construction process and the major event during the overwintering.

Length: 04' 22''
Year: 2014
Category: Open Category
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