The Love of Brian

Macquarie Island - AUSTRALIA


Brian the station search and rescue dummy is lonely until Annie the medical mannequin arrives


FIELD TRAINING OFFICER: Alexander Velasco. SEARCH TEAM: George Brettingham-Moore, Troy Henderson, Sara Larcombe, Jason Davey. DOCTOR: DR Mal Vernon. CPR Students: Alana-Jayne Moore, Arvid BrinkKemper. Lay Surgical Assistants: Mal Slaven, Arvid BrinkKemper. STOREPERSON: Gary Bolitho. PRODUCTION PENGUIN: Alana-Jayne Moore. BRIAN BODY DOUBLES: Craig Fitzmaurice, Gary Bolitho, Alexander Velasco, Scott McCartney, Mal Vernon, Mal Slaven, Arvid Brinkkemper. ANNIE BODY DOUBLES: George Brettingham-Moore, Gary Bolitho, Alana-Jayne Moore, Finn Taylor.

Length: 4' 59''

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Macquarie Island
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