Bad Hammer

Dumont D'Urville - FRANCE

Best Use of the 5 elementsBest Use of the 5 elements


A bad hammer terrorises the French Antarctic Polar Station.


Lucie Vivensang (carpenter), Bertrand Cammas (meteorological technician), Emmanuel Linden (meteorological technician), Iban Fernandez (guide/Wally’s laugh), Céline Dupin (hiking group member), Nicolas Pernin (hiking group member), Adrien Colomb (hiking group member), Jérome Burdin (hiking group member), Camille Février (hiking group member), Jimmy Alain (hiking group member), Bastien Leray (hiking group member), Paul Michaud (capture group member), Etienne Meffre(capture group member), Vianney Michelet (water bucket launcher), Zoé Boucard (waldo's laugh).

Length: 03' 37''

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Dumont d’Urville
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