Antarctic Fallacies – Tales of the South Pole

Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station - USA


There are many wrong theories about what happens at the South Pole, anything from ice walls to giant holes in the ice that burrow through the earth to the North Pole. Here we will be exploring some of these fallacies.


Howard Rodenberg (Doctor), Travis Groh (Waste Management), Jeff Capps (Foreman), Alexander Pollak (South Pole Telescope), Kyle Ferguson (South Pole Telescope), Manwei Chan (BICEP telescope), Darrien Reichler (NOAA), David DeLozier (Logistics), Hrvoje Dujmovic (Ice Cube), Marc Jacquart (Ice Cube), Martha Stansberry (Safety), Jay Walsh (Mechanic), Naweed Hashimi (SATCOM), Paul Coldren (IT)

Length: 05' 00''

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Amundsen-Scott South Pole
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